The certification gives us the opportunity to issue, declaration of conformity and CE marking products to be used in structural components which are subject to a harmonized standard. The certification gives the user the assurance that we have full traceability in the value chain from production to completion and meets all the requirements of the standard.

Through a state-of-the-art mechanical laboratory we perform tests on the properties of materials as the basis for declaration of conformity. Our stretch test machine can stretch 100 tonnes, which means we can test full-scale bolts in solidity class 10.9 in dimensions up to M36 and in solidity class 8.8 up to M39. We supply customized bolt groups such as CE marked moe EN 1090-1, customize threaded rods, foundation bolts and tension rods in your own workshop. In addition to customizing and CE branding own products, we stock CE branded products according to harmonized standards such as EN 14399 and EN 15048 for pre-stressed and non-preloaded connections, respectively.

Best regards,

Terje Vik

Technical Manager Fasteners