Solving deep sea trouble


Special designed Titan Screws for extreme qualities

The offshore industry makes extreme demands of the products it uses – every second of downtime can be measured in huge losses.

A seismic technology company specialized in finding oil underwater has developed completely unique technology making this process more efficient. To detect oil deposits on the sea bed, shockwaves are emitted from kilometre long cables, towed by ships during seismic surveys. This new technology involved equipping the cables with a system of flaps allowing greater control underwater, making the process far more efficient, more accurate and a lot easier to execute in heavy seas and currents.

The Company’s repeated attempts at fastening these flaps to the cables failed. The titanium screws they were using were quite simply incapable of withstanding the torque they were designed to withstand; breaking at the “neck”, or the transition point between the screw’s thread and the screw head. Because of our extensive knowledge of tensile strength in metals and our pool of specialist manufacturers, worldwide, we were able to appoint a supplier, specialised in lightweight alloy screws. A screw with the same dimensions was manufactured, where less metal was removed at the critical point.

We helped avoid halting a project worth several hundred million Norwegian kroner. Problem solved.