How we add value


Tingstad is one of the largest specialists in fastening and sealing solutions.
And we give you the missing part before you know it’s missing.

Quality and product development. –  Any structure is only as strong as the weakest bolt.

Norway is probably the best place in the world for testing our products – and there’s no better region than the one in which we’re based. In Western Norway, all the natural elements are extreme: we have wide fjords requiring long bridge spans, winding roads needing crash barriers, tunnel roofs and rock faces­ that need to be secured, and all manner of machines, ships and oil installations that need to operate safely and securely every single moment of the year. All of these are subject to extreme variations in temperature, ambient humidity, salt, sand, dirt, snow and ice. Each installation includes screws, gaskets or both. Quite simply, where we work is the best – and most demanding – test lab in the world and our range has been developed on the basis of precisely this factor.