Holding everything together


Our subsidiary in Sweden, NFG, took up the challenge of delivering fasteners to the new Holmenkollen. – And delivered with Bravoure!

Screws, nuts, bolts and washers made of metal – what we call fasteners in our technical jargon – came into being in the 15th century and have proved an invaluable component in all technology ever since. These objects are often small and unremarkable. If you were to look at all the parts of an Italian sports car spread out over the floor, we guarantee the nuts and bolts would be the last thing you’d notice. However, they’re absolutely crucial if the car is to be able to accelerate to almost 300 kph and brake to a stop, and to do this safely time and time again.

We’re aware just how important our products are. Of those fantastic structures they can help to create – and the fatal consequences that result if they ever failed. That’s why we make stringent demands of everything we supply, at all stages of production. We demand consistent high quality. We require products to arrive with us with plenty of time to spare so that we have the opportunity to check the standards ourselves. We have our own full-scale test lab where we can subject our fastening materials to loads well beyond the levels demanded by the industry. Trust is something you earn in our industry, and new suppliers must undergo rigorous safety testing before we approve them. We’ve developed partnerships with independent test environments, which also allow us to examine suppliers’ products and production technology all over the world. This has given us some extremely valuable and extensive insight, which we draw on when we encounter challenges, or problems that nobody has encountered before. Bolting together the new ski jump in Holmenkollen was possible thanks to completely new computer technology that was able to measure and adjust the clamping force of each and every bolt onsite. We also stringently follow new standards and demands from the public sector, and we’re proud of being able to comply with these well before they actually come into force.


Saying that we bring dreams to life is probably a bit of an exaggeration – but we certainly make dreams possible. Little dreams, and enormous dreams.