About Us


Tingstad is one of the largest specialists in fastening- and sealing solutions in Norway.

We give you the missing part before you miss it.

Our company was established in 1884 as a shipping supplier. To survive in the industry 130 years ago, companies had to think clearly and adopt a long-term approach. Ships were away for months at a time, and they needed everything from extra sails to shaving soap. “Sorry, out of stock” was not a response captains were happy with. Full control over what was in stock, where it was located and how long it would take to replenish the shelves was absolutely crucial

The world has changed a lot since then, but the lessons we learnt back in 1884 still ring true today. We focus specifically on two product ranges, fasteners and gaskets. But we continue to base our efforts on making sure that our customers have what they need, when they need it – this is at the very heart of everything we do. So when we claim “We give you the missing part before you miss it”, we mean it. After all, we have 130 years behind us to prove that we actually live up to our claim.